Travel Destination: Indonesia

Stunning scenery of the rice fields somewhere in middle of nowhere. Dive Dreams

Indonesia is probably the best diving destination in the world: 17 000 volcanic islands surrounded with coral reefs bursting life. Highest underwater biodiversity in the world. Tons of world-class dive destinations as Raja Ampat, Komodo, Bunaken, Lembeh, Alor… Plus million more.

We lived in Indonesia several years, and during that time and also before that I did quite a bit of travelling around the islands. There’s plenty of stories coming out soon!

Lombok Indonesia Dive Dreams Dive holiday
Honeymoon in Gili Air 2012.

Indonesia is wonderful country that offers so much for very different travellers. Explore the underwater world in the best diving spots on this planet, climb volcanos, find your inner mind or party animal in Bali, trek the jungles of Sumatra and Kalimantan, see the living dragons of Komodo. Taste nasi kuning and gado-gado, spiciest sambal and pisang goreng.

Travelling around Indonesia is cheap and kind of easy – although some journeys might take a bit longer than expected. Plenty of domestic flights going between the islands and ships go there where planes won’t. More time you have the better. Don’t rush. Also don’t think Bali represents rest of Indonesia. Avoid cities, they don’t have much to offer. Nature nature nature is why Indonesia is one of the most wonderful countries in the world.

Stunning view at Lake Maninjau, Sumatra. Dive Dreams

Many people ask me “is it safe?”. I would say yes, it’s very safe. I’ve never been afraid anywhere and I’ve never encountered any bigger problems. I’ve been robbed in Bali on my honeymoon, hassled with taxi drivers around the country and got scammed in Java, but I’ve never felt unsafe. This can be little bit of an illusion too – after reading few books about Bali’s drug world I wound’t necessary walk alone in night time on Kuta’s beaches.

So pack your hiking sandals and diving gear, lets see what Indonesia has to offer!

Facts of Indonesia
Population: 260 million scattered around thousands of islands, spoken language Bahasa Indonesia plus few hundred other languages
Money: Indonesian Rupiah – biggest note Rp. 100,000 – approximately 6 euros. Better bring a plastic bag for your change.
Visa: Free 30-day visa-on-arrival or apply 60-day tourist visa (extendable) before your trip from nearest embassy
Funny fact:  Indonesia has 55 000 km of coastline, so plenty of beaches to explore!


❤ Heini

Bunaken National Marine Park Dive Dreams
Bunaken National Marine Park, Dive Dreams

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