Visit to Farm Animal Sanctuary

Last summer Al and I visited Tuulispää, farm animal sanctuary, on our family visit to Finland. Tuulispää’s mission is to give place to retired farm animals which would otherwise face slaughtering. The visit was one of the highlights of the holiday, seeing rescued or retired farm animals in peaceful and graceful surrounding without the fear of being slaughtered when not useful anymore.

Tuulispää’s founder Piia and our friend and mentor Maura gave us an eye-opening tour at the farm, where all the animals were either roaming free or in big fenced areas to enjoy their lives without anxiety, fear and stress.

Tuulispaa animal sanctuary
Jekku and Lennu enjoying cuddle and scratch.

Tulispää just turned five years old, Dive Dreams congratulates farm animal sancruary, its founder incredible Piia and all the volunteers and donors who make this happen. And of course all the furry residents!

Maybe this Christmas we can all consider showing more kindness to animals and think where our Christmas dinner actually comes from. If you wish to support Tuulispää, you can participate their “Christmas joy” fundraising by contacting Piia: or visit their donation page (in Finnish):

Tuulispää has won two animal welfare prizes, the Topelius Prize for animal protection by the Helsinki Humane Society and the prize for the best act in animal protection in 2014 by the Finnish Federation for Animal Welfare Associations (SEY).

❤ Heini

Sheep also wanna be kissed and cuddled every now and then.
Sheep also wanna be kissed and cuddled every now and then.
Tuulispaa animal rescue
Pigs Lilli and Papu can choose if they spend their time indoors or outside. It was a rainy day so soft floor inside was perfect for afternoon nap.
Tuulispaa animal sanctuary
Huge Late doesn’t have to worry ❤
Rescued fox in Tuulispaa
Otto almost ended up as fancy mittens but managed to escape and ended up in Tuulispää. In Finland only, 3 million foxes, minks and other fur animals are slaughtered for fashion industry.
Tuulispää animal sanctuary
Maura, Piia and Al enjoying the company of sheep, cows and bulls. Thank you Piia for the cisit and all the work you do. My hero!

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