Liquid Diet Guide to Alona

Heini and Tulppu warming up before the sun goes down and the monsters come out

Alona beach has many choices of bars for the idelic sunset beers with friends, some offer a quiet respite from the days activities while others are warming up for the nights party. Venturing behind the beach bars onto the main road will provide you with many options for the perfect warm up party beer.

Henann Resort happy hour sunset beers

This huge resort almost at the end of Alona beach, can be dismissed as a possible sundowner location, but is definitely worth a stop. The beach bar has a great selection of 2 for 1 beers and cocktails for happy hour 17.00-19.00 every day, good service and sand in between your toes while you enjoy a frozen margarita.

Birdwatchers – Best chips in Philippines, beware of the bell

The waves lap gently against the sand as the sun goes silently beneath the horizon, enjoying the peace of the moment you reach to your condensation encrusted beer, it’s perfect… Until the resident musician turns his mood from a gentle Pink Floyd “Wish you were here” to a “Let the bodies hit the floor” hard core growl fest! Every newcomer stops in their moment and turns to look for what killed the band and replaced it with a razor blade chewing, growling, half man half wolverine! Frankie looks back with a huge friendly grin on his face as he carries on serenading the sunset in his particular way -Tips are always welcome when requesting a song.

Birdwatchers in full swing

Another attraction is the homemade potato fries, best on the island – crispy and crunchy as a 14 years old’s sock draw, and as tasty as your grandma’s cookies. The closely guarded recipe has yet to be replicated in any other bar. The staff here are great fun and encourage you to have a sometimes messy night resulting in ringing the bell, thus buying a beer for everyone in the bar… and if your not careful it can turn into a very expensive round.

Aluna Bar – CCTV assisted memory reconnection

Enter Aluna bar at your peril. This is a prime location for divers finishing their afternoon or night dive and washing down the nitrogen with an ice cold San Miguel beer. BEWARE this bar also has some fermenting shots of pure evil lurking behind the bar, jars of fruit flavoured Tanduay rum shots lurk under the counter resembling medical research jars with cadavers floating in them.

Jars containing the trademark shots are available at your peril

The beautiful bar staff here have an evil streak when the bell is rung, poring generous shots of rum fermented with fruit from long long ago causing memory loss and wallets to become lighter. With this location, great fun staff, and welcoming drinks makes Aluna bar a favourite for locals and tourists alike.

Bamboo bar – Crouching tiger hidden dragon


On the road side of Alona you can find Bamboo bar, a tasteful white arty and bamboo theme makes this bar seem a little posh to your first glance, but journey in and enjoy an excellent kitchen and great cocktails made with fresh fruits at very reasonable prices. The resident DJ and owner Simone can be seen crouching over his mixer filling the place with great sounds while you and friends warm up for the night with the amazing ambience.

Weekly live music fills Bamboo, as the staff fill your glass.

An open kitchen feverishly hustles to bring you a vibrant selection of dishes for both meat eaters and vegetarians, all under the watchful eye of  the hidden dragon – owner of the restaurant side “Elephant Bleu”, and also martial arts instructor “Dario” who also runs coaching when not ensuring the food is of a high standard. Evening entertainment in the bar ranges from local artists preforming a variety of styles, to movie nights, and also art exhibitions.

This can also be a late night option if all other bars are closed, and your not quite ready to call it a night.

WOK BAR – quiz nights with excellent food

Quiz night, winning team “ToBeSureToBeSure”

Challenging and super competitive quiz nights are held at WOR BAR twice a week. Hosted by local dive instructors, residents, and the owner Mattias, quiz nights on Tuesdays and Fridays always pull in the punters with a winner takes all cash prize. Great food, drinks, and staff, that excel at their job, makes this bar one of our favourites in Panglao.

Helmuts – Are we in Phuket?

You may be forgiven if upon entry to this Thai style expat hangout you greet the staff with a Sawwadee crap rather than the warm smiles and friendly hello of the staff. Decorated with biker accessories as well as actual bikes, a pool table and some live music nights bring in the tourist crowd and locals too

Beware though as the life span of this bar is due to come to an end in its current location, looking forward to a new location and revamped Helmuts in the next year. Progress and rumours of McDonalds and malls are to take the land over.

Ken’s place..aka Pawikan resort… IT’S KEN’s PLACE

Like a proud Lion gazing over his territory, Ken delivers ice cold stella. #hero

Stretch you legs and not your wallet, because a short walk away from the beach you can find “Ken’s Place”, not the official name, but it’s what we call it. I say stretch your legs, because it’s not unheard of that people loose the use of their legs after spending a few hours with Ken and “The boss – Maricel” at the bar sampling the rows upon rows of spirits! Whiskeys, rum, vodka, tequila and much more welcome you upon entry, though also a massive and varied range of both local and imported beers and craft beer too (Heini’s favourite).

Max pores a drink or 2 for the stumpy Fraustralian tequila connoisseur

This huge bar is lined with plenty of bar stools and large tables for groups who want to sample some of the fresh food while enjoying the beer, a well used pool table keep you entertained for the evening. Even a trip to the toilet is an experience, with the walls lined with funny memes that change weekly.


Though friendly and fun, please beware of a local tequila merchant who frequents these bars. Of unknown origin, this stubby legged individual is NOT to be trifled with, and only the most hardened of drinkers should engage him in conversation or offering him drinks. Becoming more popular every week, Ken’s doesn’t fail to provide an entertaining night surrounded by friends whilst munching some of the best Japanese bar food in Alona.

Although these are just a few favourites of mine, there are many many more bars around and outside Alona that deserve more than a quick beer in. Cheers!


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