Bringing the Dream Closer: One Year Today

Time to leave.
Staff and friends of Indonesia’s Bunaken Island.

Today it’s been a year since Heini and I decided to share our experiences traveling and diving, sometimes sarcastic but always honest we hope you’ve enjoyed and continue to do so.

A year ago we were jobless and hungry to find a place to call home. After transiting Europe with all our worldly possessions in our  backpacks, and me wearing all my clothes and a 8 kg jacket stuffed to bursting with anything to reduce our rucksacks weight avoiding paying expensive luggage fees. It was 5am and -20 degrees as we ran with out bags we just caught the train to Helsinki airport where we would be flying off to dive in my dream location. It began.


Palau Rock Islands, the arch
The arch, a popular photo spot.


Our flight touched down in Amsterdam, Bangkok, and Taipei, finally arriving 40 hours later on the Island nation of Palau – the worlds mecca for shark and ray protection. We stayed in Palau for a month trying to cram in the island nations best activities as well as dive to our budget limits whilst looking for work. Finding the best places to eat and drink were of course fun, we also dived,  kayaked, walked, camped and discovered to my surprise that even my dark skin could burn in the Pacific mid day sun whilst exploring the southern island of Peleliu.

Entering the Philippines

Our trip then took us east to Manila and the Philippines, unfortunately I’d injured myself lifting the 50kg luggage at the airport, so Heini became the mule for our heavy bags whilst I shuffled slowly behind making weird faces that looked to most that I need the toilet. Thankfully our next stop was going to be some intense yoga practice which was to fix the back pain and make me new again. Pangloa island would unbeknown to us become more than just a pin in the map.

Jobsearching in Malapascua

Beach day Malapascua
Not so much shade, but just look at that beach!

Philippines being quite easy to travel internally has been for us, a quick bus/boat/flight and you’re in a new province with people to meet and culture to absorb. We headed out to dive with thresher sharks in one of the few places you are guaranteed to sight them, Malapascua. This tiny island with post card beaches and Saharan heat that boiled my brain almost became our new home after being selected for jobs there. Although the diving was great and the island was a picture of paradise we had already fell in love with the people of Alona its diverse activities and laid back living.

Beach life

Who is that guy?
Sitting with a cold beer, a hot fire, and sand between your toes. Perfect.

Anda beach is only a couple of hours bike ride from Panglao, we had the bike so there was no excuse not to spend a night or two there enjoying a beautiful road trip along Bohol’s coast through fishing villages and breathtaking beaches. As we stayed longer and longer in Panglao and so it seemed silly not to explore the neighbouring island more, Bohol had actually great things to do and see. We took visiting friends on road trips and paddle boarded along the river, the night swallowing up the noise and husstle of the day and bringing out a natural firefly light show.

Diving and living Bohol and Panglao

Saving reefs with forward thinking. Helix morning installation
Installing a “helix” mooring base on Balicasag island. This replaces anchors and saves coral.

It has to be said the diving in Visayas is excellent, reefs, walls, small islands, large islands and lots of good macro, and perfect muck diving for those who want to venture further afield to visit Dumaguete. Working at different dive shops in Panglao, Heini and myself are enjoying projects above and below water, planting coral, helping animals, and listening to some awe inspiring people and ideas make it difficult to leave.


Learning from the past

During our time in Indonesia we had the world’s best diving, trekking, yoga and cultures at our fingertips. And when it’s right there its also easy to think “I can do that later”, we spent over 6 years and experienced only a small amount of what the country had to offer. This is one regret I have, and don’t intend to repeat the mistake. Life’s no dress rehearsal after all.

If you want to come diving with us, or just need some diving advice  please contact divedreamers(at)



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  1. katyyrae says:

    So glad I found your blog and look forward to keeping up! Love this post!

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  2. Alpha Juliet says:

    Living the dream! We are headed to Indonesia soon and hoping to do some diving. Any recommendations for hidden gems?


  3. Louise says:

    My son loves this chest. He keeps it next to his bed and stores his little treasures in it. Be advised though, it is#7182n&;t a toy. It is very heavy and if dropped, would probably break. So make sure your child knows that it isn’t for play.


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