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Dive Dreams is travel page with stories around the world, best scuba diving destinations and food cultures (especially vegan options!), meeting new faces from the animal kingdom, respecting nature and all its wonders.

Meet Al how Heini sees him:

Al is funny guy who gets along with everyone. His laugh is contagious and jokes stupid. He brings smile to my face every day. That’s how a fell in love with him when I did my AOWD course in Bunaken, Indonesia. My diving holiday turned into marriage and before I knew it, I had packed my things in Finland and moved to paradise island in the middle of nowhere to spend the rest of my life with him.

Al loves teaching and diving, good laugh and cold beer, takes his new vegan diet seriously and is determined to create the best vegan burger on the planet. And I’m more than happy to be the taster in the process! Al loves conspiracy theories and good documentaries, f*cking loud machine gun Playstation games, shitty movies and pizza. He is animal lover and rather goes hungry than lets the street dog go hungry (while writing this I’ve just seen him feeding all our bread to the skinny dogs from the block). His heart is golden and he always puts other people first. I’m very lucky woman to have him as my husband even though many family members of his and ex-girlfriends have been wondering how I put up with him all these years…

Meet Heini how Al sees her:

Pronounced  “Hay-Knee” like the beer, and not “Hi-Knee” like the Americans call their bottom. My wife is from Finland, which is a small country next to Russia and Lapland in the snow capped mountains of Northern Europe. Famous for their saunas, Santa Clause, 23 hours of darkness, and high suicide rate.

She is from a huge family, and is the shortest of them all. Easy to spot at any airport or crowded train station in Asia as she dwarfs most folk here. Heini has a warm smile that could melt an ice cap faster than you could say “global warming”, and is matched by her passion for animals. Heini speaks Finnish, Cat, Dog, and is learning Whale, and has a “instant sad face” whenever she sees an animal tied up or injured.

Heini arrived on Bunaken in 2010 and was entrapped by my highly intellectual sense of humour, charming personality, 3 small kittens…  She showed such passion for island life, that she chose to change her life completely and stay in Asia with me (and eventually unto 14 cats, one stolen dog, and a monitor lizard).

Heini is an amazing diver and an inspiring teacher, and such a giving person. A passion for photography, videography, writing, and teaching has made living and working with her a pleasure, though she does sometimes make the “Marge Simpson” “HHHHHRRRRRMMMMM” noise at me. Heini is extremely A.R. when it comes to writing anything, posting anything, or taking a photo. You can see this when you read or look at any of her work, and will not hold back her opinion when it comes to unethical standards whether it be diving, business or journalism. She carries this in all she does… even her choice of men!

So, all our precious readers, now it’s your turn to tell how you know us! 😀 Don’t hold back, it’s not that serious page after all. Share  a story or just a short comment, it would be highly appreciated!

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